• Musee Bath Balms
  • Musee Bath Balms
  • Musee Bath Balms
  • Musee Bath Balms
  • Musee Bath Balms
  • Musee Bath Balms
  • Musee Bath Balms
  • Musee Bath Balms


Enjoy a colorful and fragrant bath with an essential oil bath balm! The bright colors and amazing scents are sure to amaze adults who need some relaxation or kids who need a fun bath time. Each bath balm has a small surprise inside.

Amazing Grace: Jojoba oil, rosemary & geranium essential oils

Happy Birthday: apricot oil, vanilla essential oils

Lucy in the Sky: almond oil, grapefruit, geranium & chamomile essential oils

Rubber Ducky: avocado oil, grapefruit essential oils

Tiny Dancer: almond oil, orange essential oil

Tupelo Honey: honey, almond oil, apricot seeds

Mama Said: jojoba oil, grapefruit essential oils, milk bath

Don't Worry Be Happy: sesame oil, lemon and sweet orange essential oils

Go To Sleep Little Baby: natural almond oil, lavender, lavender buds, and Roman Chamomile essential oils

One Love: natural grapeseed oil, blood orange essential oil

Whiskey Lullaby: natural sesame oil, lemon, eucalyptus essential oils, pacific sea salt, rose hips, ginseng, and vitamin C

Pretty Woman: natural almond oil, rosemary essential oil, milk bath, pink Himalayan salt

Dancing In The Moonlight: natural grapeseed and shea nut oils, lime essential oil, bath confetti

Sweet Child O Mine: natural coconut and baobab oil, papaya, mango and guava oils

Flowers In Your Hair: natural grapeseed oil, lavender essential oil

Be My Teddy Bear: natural apricot oil, grapefruit and pomegranate essential oils

Man of Constant Sorrows: natural avocado oil, tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils, epson salts

Oh What a Night: natural jojoba oil, peppermint, lavender, rosemary, and blood orange essential oils, pacific sea salt, kelp powder, green tea extract, vitamin E, and Aloe Vera leaf juice

Summer Breeze: natural olive oil, lime essential oil, dead sea salt, and aloe vera

Dead Sea: shea nut oil, lemon essential oil, milk bath, dead sea salts, fragrance

Sugar, Sugar: natural almond oil, vanilla essential oil, fragrance

Thriller: natural avocado oil, baobab oil, juniper berry essential oil, sugar crystals, fragrance

This One's For the Girls: natural olive oil, lemon essential oil, milk bath, sugar crystals, fragrance

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