• Science Kit for kids
  • chemistry kit for kids
  • blue light kit
  • putty slime kit


From gooey slime to science you can eat let your child's imagination run wild. These kits include everything they need to conduct several different experiments perfect for a gift, or an inside activity when the weather is uncooperative. 

Edible Chemistry Kit includes: magic color crystals, calcium acetate, citric acid, sodium alginate, sodium bicarbonate, cups, stirrers, plastic bags, pipet, and an instruction book. Eat and drink up to 16 tasty experiments with this edible kit!

Blue Light Kit includes: luminol mixture, perborate mixture, copper sulfate, rack, vial, cups, stirrers, scoops, pipet, and an instruction book. Try out these 11 illuminating experiments with this fun kit!

Putty Gel and Sime Kit includes: borax solution, phosphorescent zinc sulfide, guar gum, white glue, cups, stirrers, plastic bags, eco-foam, and an instruction book. Complete 15 slimy experiments with this fun kit!

Ages 4 and older 

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